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Unreachable high standards in classic and modern interior
door production in Russia
Natural materials
If we hold a stone in one hand and a wood in another we can not help noticing how warm and friendly feels the wood comparing to cold and heartless stone. If we repeat the trick with plastic – result will be the same. Because of natural materials our doors keep the energy of the live tree which brings more natural warmth, coziness and beauty to your home.
Photo: Solid ash-tree
Nowadays there is a vast selection of all kinds of machinery that is capable of performing just about any operation. It is also true for woodworking. But prudent machines can not bring warmth, style and exclusive design. But it can be easily obtained by our women-masters who are carefully working on each door mastering every detail after it leaves the high-tech equipment.
Coating quality
In order to achieve outstanding coating quality for our doors we have gone through extensive experiments with different varnishes. Finally we have chosen the best. But we did not get the result we wanted. So we consulted with one of best professionals in elite furniture coating in Europe. She worked non-stop for two days and presented an astonishing result! When asked how she managed to achieve it she answered that thorough polishing is an answer. Since that time high quality coating and manual polishing is the corporate standard of the company!
Oak Crown
Frame of a shelled array
Special assembly technologies
Natural wood veneer
Solid wood Framework
Technology develops fast in the door production industry. Today many manufacturers cut production costs by using artificial materials and simplifying the production process. The history of our company have started with the owner’s statement: “I am going to make the best doors in Russia and I do not care how much it will cost!” 20 years have passed since that time. A lot have changed. But the main idea remains: “We want only the best!” We are still selecting the best timber for our doors in South America, Africa and Russia. It allows us to ensure the quality, durability and reliability of our product!
Modern service

Door selection

After visiting one of our stores and registering at the mobile application you will have an access to personal account where you can view calculation and its visualization, order measurement, pay and follow-up the order.


We will get in touch with you to make a free measurement at the date and time of your choice. We have a special data comparison system that ensures that all the measurements are correct. After the measurements are performed you will receive recommendations for every doorway.

Order Placement

You can place an order in any way you choose: personally visiting one of our stores, through your personal account at our web-site or through mobile application. You will be automatically informed when your order is ready.


To make sure that your doors will become a unique part of your interior design and give you a long-lasting positive experience by it’s quality and attractive appearance we recommend to order installation at the authorized service centers through our stores. After the installation is finished we will kindly ask you to leave feedback.