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Modern service

Service is an aftertaste that is left after communicating with other person or company. Here we are also trying to be the best, constantly improving the quality of servicing our clients. To make things easier for our clients we have put to life a unique service program. Fast and quality interior door installation is possible only if performed by experienced staff. It is also important to keep in mind different door models and styles, that require specific installation and maintenance. As a result we guarantee a long and problem-less operation.

Only high skilled professionals can ensure quality installation of the doors performed in accordance with all the regulations and your requirement. The interior door installation as well as all the preliminary measurements and calculations have to be done only by specially trained personnel using special equipment.

Door selection

After visiting one of our stores and registering at the mobile application you will have an access to personal account where you can view calculation and its visualization, order measurement, pay and follow-up the order.


We will get in touch with you to make a free measurement at the date and time of your choice. We have a special data comparison system that ensures that all the measurements are correct. After the measurements are performed you will receive recommendations for every doorway.

Order Placement

You can place an order in any way you choose: personally visiting one of our stores, through your personal account at our web-site or through mobile application. You will be automatically informed when your order is ready.


To make sure that your doors will become a unique part of your interior design and give you a long-lasting positive experience by it’s quality and attractive appearance we recommend to order installation at the authorized service centers through our stores. After the installation is finished we will kindly ask you to leave feedback.